George Cleverley was born on the 10th of August 1898 into a shoemaking family in London. George moved to Colchester in Essex with his parents when he was aged two and spent his childhood selling bootlaces & polish. After finishing his apprenticeship at 15, he was called up to the Army for World War I and stationed in London before joining an army boot factory in Calais, France.

After the war he joined Tuczec, a high society London shoemaker on Clifford Street, Mayfair. He remained there for 38 years. George left Tuczec in 1958 to start up his own business. G.J.Cleverley of Cork Street, Mayfair, London.

On Cork Street he furthered his reputation to include some of the most illustrious names in society and became known for making the Cleverley shape - a graceful, chisel-toed shoe which became signature to his extraordinary craft.

George died in 1991 at nearly 93 years of age and was still working, virtually, until he died.
PHOTO:  Shoe Specialist George Cleverley
George Cleverley
The Team
In 1978 George Cleverley decided that John Carnera and George Glasgow seemed to share his same high principles of shoemaking as he understood, and they became in essence his pupils and eventually his successors. Between them, George and John have a shared experience of 90 years in the Bespoke world.

All the Cleverley staff of shoe makers go through a 3 to 5 year apprenticeship to ensure the style and quality is consistently maintained.

PHOTO:  Left to right - Teemu Leppanen, George Glasgow, George Glasgow Jr, Andrew Murphy, Morio, Adam Law.
Our short film is an introduction to George Cleverley and how we work.

The film was produced and directed by Mike Saunders.
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George Cleverley's famous customers past and present make an impressive list.

Rudolph Valentino
Sir Winston Churchill
Lawrence Olivier
Gary Cooper
Sir John Geilgud
Sir Ralph Richardson
Clark Gable
The Duke of Bedford
Edward G.Robinson
Sir Jackie Stewart
Terence Stamp
Lennox Lewis
Ralph Lauren
Humphrey Bogart
Daniel Day-Lewis
Charlie Watts
Alexander McQueen
The Duke of Beaufort
Baron Alexis de Redé
Bryan Ferry
Sir Elton John
Michael Chow
Tom Wolfe
Mark Birley
Earl of Lichfield
Viscount Linley
Prince Rupert zu Loewenstein
Sir Kenneth Branagh
Mickey Rourke
Jason Statham
Laurence Graff
Alex Rodriguez
Keith McNally